Dogs & Puppies

We have many wonderful homeless pets available that do not yet appear on our website. Quite a few get adopted at our weekly pet adoptions before their pictures and information can be posted. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or for information about specific pet availability, please contact us!

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Success Stories

You always worry when you adopt out a pup.  Will they be taken care of, loved and cherished?   You tend to develop a 7th sense about people that I rely on heavily, but yet you still wonder.....But then..... then you get these updates full of smiles and love!  THANK YOU ADOPTERS!!!!!!  Sandy is definitely loved!

Sandy & New Family

Look who is adopted!  It's Maverick!  Live your best life little boy!  I know he will as I know his adopter!  YEA!!!!!!!!  And look how he looks at his new momma!!!!  LOVE!!!!

Maverick and New Momma

I LOVE updates!  Allie in her forever home!  She's been through so much and look how chill she is!  Congratulations on finding a wonderful family Allie!

Allie in her Furever New Home