Lost Dogs Checklist.

If you have lost your Dog, follow this checklist

The Process:


Contact your local animal control and others in the area. Give them a description of your pet and a reliable way to contact you.


Contact your veterinarian and make sure they have current contact information for you if someone finds your pet. Don’t forget to contact past veterinarians as well just in case the pet is traced back to them.


Contact local emergency vets. If your pet was injured it might be taken there. Leave contact information and a description of your pet.


If your pet is microchipped contact the microchip company and make sure they have current contact information.


Contact the breeder or rescue group you got your pet from. If your pet is found it may be traced back to them and they need current contact information for you.


Rescue groups are a great resource to help search for your pet since they frequent local animal shelters.


Drive around your neighborhood and search. If you can’t get a clear view of everything, get out and walk. Talk to neighbors and let them know your pet is missing and how to contact you if they see it.


Make and post flyers.  You can find some great tips for creating effective lost/found posters here: view site


List the pet under “lost and found” on Craigslist.com


List the pet under “lost and found” on Petfinder.com


Post lost CATS on Facebook.


Post lost DOGS on Facebook.


Get the word out. If you are on Facebook, myspace or any other social networking sites post a picture of your lost pet and contact information.


Place lost ads in local papers. If they have online versions post there as well. Many papers will run lost and found ads for no charge.


Check local animal shelters every day IN PERSON! Only you can truly ID your pet and they may not have long to be recovered once they are in the shelter. Do not only check in your city, check in neighboring cities in case your pet wandered into their jurisdiction.


Don’t give up too early! Keep at it! Pets have been found months after they were originally lost.

Please use every available resource to look for your pet.